Appointment of NGO Board Member


Qualification and criteria of Board Selection

Who should become an NGO's Board Member? What criteria is necessary to select Board members? Based on the Board's functions, including representing the various constituencies, the process of selection of Board members (and their designated Alternates) takes several criteria into consideration.

Board members should possesses an understanding of the scope of work of the NGP/NPO and opportunities it presents; the ability to strengthen the Board's understanding of NGO and other issues; have experience and responsibility to carry out tasks and roles of the Board; represent issues related to NGO involvement in its target issue/area; and represent issues related to the NGO's target community.

They should also have a minimum number of years in front-line community work, and an ability and capacity to communicate and network effectively and broadly (for example, they must have functioning communications linkages such as telephone, fax, computer and email). Board Members are expected to have the ability to represent and promote the NGO publicly, as a Board member representing the NGO community; ability to act within a team setting; be gender sensitive; possess diplomatic and strategic political skills, including capacity to think and work strategically; possess the ability to work in international and local languages; and also have linkages to an organization that can facilitate communication and liaison; and provide consultation and support.

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