How NGO Solve Problems of Community

When an NGO approaches solving a problem, they can pursue the following structure:
Gather information on the issue
  What exactly is the problem?
  What is causing the problem?
  Who are the persons/organizations responsible (for e.g. it could be a particular
department of the government/an industry)?
  What are the consequences going to be? Assess magnitude, quality and prevalence.
  What are the alternatives/possible solutions?
  How much would they cost? Is it better to invest the money in other projects?
  Talk to people in the community to hear different views that will enable a holistic view of
the issue.
  Talk to people who are in-charge and hear their side of the issue. Tell them about the
problems that you see.
  You may be able to work towards solving problems together if you do not see yourself as
hostile parties.
  Connect with people to increase awareness
  Ask older, influential or respected people in the community to address public gatherings.
  Use the media (newspapers and the internet) to generate interest, communicate the facts
and discuss options.
  Write polite, succinct articles for magazines and newspapers identifying the issues.
  Include people from diverse backgrounds, so that your organization is not linked with any
particular political party or religious sect.
  For fundraising purposes, let people know why funds are needed and how they will be
used. Transparent and detailed accounts are imperative to build trust.

  Link up with other NGOs to maximize the effect of the effort.

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